About Us

Queen has been proudly making vanilla extracts & ingredients in Australia for 125 years. With flavour solutions and technical expertise for the foodservice and manufacturing industry, discover what Queen Professional can bring to your business.

Queen Vanilla: the world’s most beautiful flavour

From orchid flower to bean to bottle, very few spices have a history as long and exotic as vanilla. Queen has grown from humble origins in vanilla essence into a global flavour solutions expert, trusted by thousands of leading manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, cafés and bakeries. Our vanilla is celebrated for its strength, quality and ability to elevate any recipe or product formulation. We grow and bottle only the best.

The story of Queen vanilla is one that extends across generations with the love of countless bakers. Established in 1897, the name ‘Queen’ was inspired by Queen Victoria’s love of vanilla. Queen vanilla has stood the test of time and is still the secret ingredient in many recipe and product formulations. As one of the world’s oldest and largest vanilla extract producers, we have established relationships with farmers around the world to source the highest quality beans, before processing them to create extracts and pastes in Brisbane, Australia.

Fair, ethical and sustainably sourced vanilla

One of the cornerstones of the Queen Professional approach is a commitment to fair, ethical and sustainable sourcing of vanilla. Our extensive history in vanilla production means we have seen first-hand the impact of natural weather events on this precious crop and the lives of the families who grow it. Through our vanilla programs that educate, support and empower vanilla farmers, you can be assured that when you purchase Queen Vanilla, you are helping thousands of growers around the world and supporting our quest to create a more sustainable future for vanilla farmers and their families.

A total business solution

While Queen Professional’s premium ingredients and inspired flavours are what we pride ourselves on, they’re also just the beginning. Our food industry passion, technical expertise and commitment to exceptional food safety make a partnership with Queen Professional an innovative business solution. As ingredient industry pioneers, we have a wealth of knowledge to help take your business to the next level. Whether you’re a food manufacturer, restaurant, bakery, café or hotel, we understand the realities of the busy food industry and can bring innovative, tailored solutions to the table.

Owned by our parent company Dr Oetker, our products are used in over 40 countries and our premium flavour solutions are relied on to constantly deliver within commercial kitchens and food manufacturers.

Flavour is our obsession. We understand its power to define food professionals, venues and products. To surprise and delight customers. To cement regulars and reputations. We’ve built our business on flavour and we would love to help build yours too.

Canadian Maple Syrup & Flavour Extracts

Outside of our extensive Vanilla portfolio we have worked with Canadian farmers for over 30 years to provide the finest Maple Syrup to the market offering different grades and a range of sizes.

We also extract and blend a portfolio of natural flavours and colours as well as our classic food colours. All made at our Brisbane production facility.